NicoleB January 5, 2017 0

BJW Perez

Despite being truly rustic, the cabins are well-fitted out with fine linen and everything, apart from a TV, thankfully, that you could possibly require for your stay. The owner/host, Kobus vd Merwe was hospitable, unobtrusive and available to personally sort out any minor problems that may occur. There are also campsites available, everything inclusive.  You may also bump into their real-life local hero, a senior employee on the farm, who single-highhandedly rescued 2 men lost in the surrounding mountains, after a helicopter and official search and rescue teams failed to find them. This intrepid superhero responded to pleas from the victim’s families and set out alone, accompanied only by his dog and his intimate knowledge of the mountains. He found them the following morning, literally close to death, after walking through the late afternoon and at night, by moonlight; one was unable to walk and the other in only a slightly better condition. They then had to start their long walk back. After each frequent stop they were forced to make, he first had to assist the one to his feet and then hoist the other onto his back. The 2 days we spent there, without a TV, were tranquil and soothing to our souls.

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